Raindrop Therapy Utilizing the Power of Essential Oils

Raindrop Technique works throughout the entire body on the cellular level...regenerating the system with health and wellness

   Raindrop Technique Treatment

           Body, Mind,  and Spirit Tune Up

          Utilizing the Power of Essential Oils


            Who Benefits from Raindrop?


                  Dad               Stress and Blood Pressure

                  Mom              PMS and Headaches

                 Teens       Sports Injuries and Acne

                  Kids               Colds and Flu                                                     Success in school

                 Grandma    Arthritis and
   Autoimmune Disease

                 Grandpa      Pain and Lack of Energy


Email: Shirley Anderson   214-868-4318




Shirley Anderson ~ 214.868.4318

Offered on B&B property, Glen Rose, TX


Power up
the immune system

immediate well-being

Alleviate pain 
reduce inflammation

 POWERFUL Benefits


     Raindrop Technique!

       ~Raindrop Treatment Certified~